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I just got laid off from my job with Virgin Mobile. :( I still work under West Corporation but they're just the middle-man, Virgin Mobile was the actual job. :|

...huh. I wonder what happens now. Maybe West will get us another job.
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New job? Get.

Office phone for job? Get.

...Voice? Iffy with a sore throat.

..Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! XD Of course, knowing me, it'll only last for like a day since it's not THAT bad (and I'm drinking some nice hot tea), but...come on...

Luckily, I won't have to train today...hopefully.

Anyone wanna switch voices for a day? :3

Where do I work? I work at home for West Corporation which is an outsourcing customer support company which provides services for companies based in the US. Basically, I'll work for West Corp, but I'll also work for companies such as Sears, HSN, Toys R Us, or those commercials for diabetes medicine (...I hope Wilford Brimley calls :D) doing customer service.

The job's perfect for my school schedule (and doesn't involve the shitastic bus system here...). Pay's good, it sounds fun, and I get to talk on the phone for a while.

However, unlike that crappy job ChaCha, I'm not an independent contractor (I didn't have to fill out the W4 form, just the W9 for taxes). So there's none of this "get paid when you want" crap (seriously...I hate that..give me a biweekly check like Goodwill did, plzkthx).

ANYWAY...so..who's gonna give me their voice. :3 I'll pay you in candy...I have Snickers! :D

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