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Ok, this all may seem fake, but I swear it's true. I tried calling Sethpup to tell him as soon as it happened, BUT HE DIDN'T ANSWER HIS PHONE! =(

Ok, so, last week I was hanging around the electronics department in K-Mart to get my new stereo picked out, and this guy was standing next to me and talking to an employee. Nothing odd there...until the employee leaves.

Then the guy turns to me and just starts resuming his conversation he was having with the employee with me as if I was just another employee. That'd be all fine and dandy...if K-Mart employees didn't wear BRIGHT RED shirts with their nametags and stuff..

I had a dark blue shirt on...with a jacket. In no way did I look like a K-Mart employee. :P

He kept saying "Oh, do you guys carry this in the backroom?" all the while pointing to various mp3 players and iPod docks and "I heard you guys bought out Sears or somethin'! How'd you manage that?!" I didn't know how to answer any of that so I just said "I'm not really sure..." That answer seemed to satisfy him.

It was so awkward...but I totally played along. XD He never ever questioned it.

Then he followed me around the electronics section asking about mp3 players and "What's 4GB to 2GB? Does that mean 4GB is better?" Then he points to a low-brand MP3 player that's 4GB "Why is this higher than this?" and poitns to some moderate brand 2GB one. I'm like "I don't really know why that is."

Then, he changes the subject to video games. "Do you guys carry that one thing? That uh, DSP thing." and I'm like "Do you mean the PSP?" and he goes "Uh...I think so. My son wants it for his birthday. How much is it?" So I walk him over to the PSP case and he's like "PFFFT! He can just keep dreaming." So we walked back over to the stereos and whatnot and he was asking me about digital cameras and "What's a megapixel?"

I was about to tell him when this other guy spoke up to tell him about megapixels and what brands of camera he should buy. I was kind of sad I didn't get to answer (I knew the answer. :P) but a little happy that he wasn't following me anymore.

In other news, I just preordered Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for PC from Walmart.com. Woo.

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