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Ok, for those who have my old phone number, I got a new one. Look for a text from it saying it's me. :P

Oh and uh, I think it's a good time to update my phonebook, so note me/e-mail me/IM me your number if you've given it to me in the past. X3

If I don't text you, I probably don't have an updated number, so ya... you gotta tell me. :P
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Ok so here's the dealy, I had my old phone line disconnected due to the bill being so damn high, so that number no longer works. However, I NEED a phone for class and the new IT job I'll be working.

I got another phone for cheap and got the first month free so I don't have to pay them right off the bat. I can't reuse my old phone because then the first month isn't free due to it being used (even if it's by me).

I won't have it until probably Thursday due to buying said phone online.

SO, if you have my phone number, look for a PM, e-mail, or IM with my new number sometime next week.
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I'm not a woman. -_-

Thank you.

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