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Played the demo today on PS3 kiosk (you can't download it on PSN yet, you have to go to either Walmart, Best Buy, or probably Toys R Us to play it on the PS3 kiosk).

It's decent. However, it's not a good representation of the full game as it's only a combat training level of sorts. But, it shows you that things like guns aren't taken lightly. You have to take them out first or you can die easy, this game seems to make you think like Batman. :3
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I love this game, I used to play it waaay back in 2000 - 2004 or so. :3


This is where you download it. :D It's completely free (unless you want to buy the full version) and it is multi-player online with a single player offline. Online, you can have up to 10 people in your game. I don't remember how to do a private game, but it IS possible.

Don't mind the comments on that download page. I have Vista Ult. 32-bit and it works fine, it may not work under 64-bit though. I recall playing this on my old Win2k PC (and a little on my old Win98SE) so it MAY work on those OSes...but that wasn't the 1.54 version. It's definitely changed UIs up a bit since then.

Anyway, Greggest, SethPup, and I are looking for players for like some HUGE furry gaming! :3

Who wants to join?

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