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I decided to explain the LHC to people because I'm bored...and because I feel like talking about physics (and a little about psychology...which doesn't really fit into this at all so I won't talk about it here).

The Large Hadron Collider is created to find out if the Higgs boson (aka the "God Particle") exists or not.

It will do this by smashing together particles to form a strangelet (which is basically a tiny black hole) from the Big Bang that's created. Theoretically, the black hole will dissipate within nanoseconds by imploding on its own weight.

However, there is a 1 in some googolplex of a chance that it'll actually end up growing to an immense normal sized black hole tht would swallow us all up. Most of the information about strangelets is purely theoretical (which means, no one has proven or disproven anything).

The Higgs boson is basically the particle (or mass of particles) that gives an object mass. If this is a real particle (or mass of particles), it could change particle physics forever.

This is a REALLY big thing.

Picking up my new glasses on Saturday, I have dubbed them "Hi-Def glasses" because the lens quality is SO much better than the ones I have now...anti-reflective, Teflon-coated, and anti-shatter.


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