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July 11th, 2008 begins less than six hours away. <3

Ok so, this year, it's 21. Yay? Yay...I guess. For me, 21 isn't THAT big of a deal. >_> Yea, I'm weird like that.

Anyway, NEW PHONE. This new number is my PERMANENT number. If you didn't recieve the mass text message last night, IM me on AIM or e-mail me and I'll give you my number (if you've never given me your number before, I request yours BEFORE I give you mine. >_>).

Oh, this new phone can go online and stuff, so if you want to use your camera phone (which this phone is not, I just didn't want one) to send me pics to my e-mail, I can check my e-mail and then see the picture that way. =3
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As of today, I'm 19. WHOA! Shocking... =D Especially for me, I still can't believe it. ._o

Testing out the new Firefox 2.0 Beta. It's very interesting, nothing TOO new except it now includes a spell checker (which, believe it or not, I need). XP

So uh...being 19 isn't as bad as I thought. Things kinda sucked at first but it's all good now. =3

Thanks to Chucky Blackmuzzle for helping me save my mac & cheese dish earlier. XD

You know that meme that everyone's doing that has all those boxes an' stuff? I'll probably do that and put it up here laters. Yea, so uh...look for that.

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